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Posted by Lori from Claysburg, PA on February 8, 2019

Went into the store to purchase a mattress. Did the bed match, got our "sleep numbers", tested the mattresses in the store, found the perfect mattress in the store that was plush and firm, perfect. Waited two weeks for delivery, mattress arrived and guess what it was like sleeping on a board with a sheet on it. Called the store day 2 and they said that they could do nothing till after 30 days, suggested that I have the neighborhood kids come in and jump on the mattress because the foam had to break down... Suffered on this mattress for the 30 days because I could only stand to lay in the bed for a few hours then had to go to my couch. Called again after the 30 days went to the store to do an comfort exchange, well guess what, now I needed to do a split mattress because of my husband and I's different numbers and guess what that was now double my initial purchase price. Waited another three weeks for these mattresses to be delivered, oh and yes they suggested the adjustable bases, that would help give you a better night sleep. Well the mattresses were delivered and guess what, they are not what we tested at the store. Now I have two mattresses that are boards with sheets on them. Called the store again, same story, the foam needs to break down. Well this was never mentioned when I bought the mattress and when you are 95lbs how long is this going to take? I have almost $6,000 in mattress and adjustable base and I asked them to refund my money so I could buy something that I could sleep on and now they tell me NO!!! The mattress has to break in. Well just saying I did not receive what I tested and purchased in the store, so do not think that you will either. I think this is a bunch of crap. Those prop mattresses that they have in the store and they feel so wonderful, you are not getting that. What an awful experience and I would NOT recommend these "sleep experts" to anyone or this Company $6,000 for a bed that you can not even sleep in and they pretty much told me oh well! So I guess 20 years from now I may Sleep.

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    Really, the store manager said to have neighborhood kids jump on the bed to soften it ?#!?

    By: Anonymous on January 28, 2020

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