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Just as I thought! Yet another mattress scam!

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Posted by Adam from Burlison, TN on January 20, 2019

I began my hunt for a mattress with the understanding that as many under the table in appears mattress stores that are out there in appearance. I would be willing to bet this is yet another one. But I'll give it a try. And plastered all over the outside of the building, was 75% off signs. And not to mention the name on the building was not the same name that was charged to my credit card. Hmmm, what's that about. So I went in, wasnt but one sales person in the store. Took forever to get help. So I started looking at prices. I thought to myself, hmmm prices aren't bad and especially if there's a 75% off deal. My wife and I looked around for a while and finally was spoken to by a salesperson. We then explained that we were looking for a queen sized matress set. (Response). We dont sell sets. But our box springs are $100 dollars. So it would be price of matress plus that. Ok there goes the deals looking good. I then ask the question. Can you tell us about the 75% off deals. (Response) Oh, the price you see is already 75% off of the factory price. Ok then, here comes the scam. And there it is. We then asked about a few matresses. To my lack of knowledge double sided mattresses are become obsolete. Oh there another negative in your favor. Then I find out the more affordable mattresses are not very comfortable. Well imagine that!. So I went in hope to find what we wanted with the $260 I had to spend. But instead had to spend over a hundred dollars more and didn't even get a box spring with that deal. As I said before just yet another mattress scam.

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