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poor quality and poor management

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Posted by Lj A from Parsons, KS on July 16, 2013

The Columbus westco store is a joke don't ever buy from these people if you buy from them and your purchase is broke or defective they will not stand behind it I purchased a mattress set from them it had a sink hole in the middle so they brought me another one guess what same thing then they didn't want to make it right after several calls I finally got the manager of the mmiami to come look at my bed and he agreed it did have a low spot in the mattress and he asked if i wanted another mattress i said no i want credit for the bed so they said well we can only give you credit for the mattress but not the box springs so im stuck with the box springs i said that is poor business i bought the bed as a whole and i should have been credited back as a whole but apparently columbus westco is hurting if they cant credit back a 200 box spring so buyer beware shop somewhere else or you will get the shaft also my remedy for business like this is good luck getting any money from me

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    i agree poor service and very poor quality, would not ever buy there again

    By: Anonymous on October 27, 2013

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