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Posted by jen from Wake Forest, NC on November 22, 2019

Ordered furniture and was told 4-6 weeks. The sales representative Karen, was very knowledgeable and helpful and we expected all was going to be ok. 6 weeks pass and no word from Wayside so I called and was told it would be checked on and I would be called back. I was also told at that point that that particular manufacturer usually runs behind- yet that was never mentioned before. No one called. A week later my husband called back and was told still no word. The following week we got a call that leather was no longer available and we needed to start over. According to manufacturer that I spoke with, that leather was dropped 10 months before. We finally received 1 of our 2 pieces of furniture after 11 weeks. The other piece was ordered and came in quickly only to be delivered and had flaws. That piece had to be taken back for repairs. That same piece was inspected by Hank, the manager/ owner and he told me that he missed it. All of you missed it after our order was placed. There is so much to this story that I won’t get in to but, their website BOASTS that the most important to them is customer satisfaction. That is the biggest joke. I spoke with the owner and he stated that they have spent extra money on my orders that he couldn’t offer me any kind of discount. They spent money all because of them. I did my part- I paid my deposit and I waited my 6 weeks and they dropped the ball in every way. The sales representative that helped us told me several times that she wasn’t making any money off of us. That is extremely unprofessional and I never got one discount from her. The only thing she took care of was a $95 delivery fee. We spent $4800 in their store. When said sales rep realized my boss spends big money at her store she sure stepped up her game- she doesn’t want to lose his business but, mine she doesn’t care about. Nice. This is a one time purchase. I will not purchase any future pieces from them. Wayside has been in business since 1939 and their customer service is severely lacking once orders are place

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