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Posted by Noname from Medina, OH on October 15, 2018

I had a great experience at first. I was an out of town customer checking out the sales and fell in love with a sofa. I decided to purchase the sofa early March 2018 (which required $300 down for the store to order it). I paid the $300 and was told the final payment was due before delivery and that I would get a phone call when the sofa was delivered to the store (approximately 4 weeks) I waited almost 2 months and still didn’t get a phone call. Finally I couldn’t wait any more and I called them. For starters they had my phone number wrong and secondly The sofa was ready for pick up/delivery and no one had notified me. They told me on the phone that I had to pay the remaining balance before we could schedule delivery, so I gave the man I was talking to on the phone my credit card information and we scheduled the delivery. I received the sofa in great condition, no problems at all and went on with my life. 7 MONTHS later I get a letter in the mail saying I still owed the remaining balance. When I called them to try and figure out what happened they were not very caring nor understanding about the situation. After a few hours of them looking through records and myself, they told me that the man I gave my information to must have never run the credit card. I told them that this was an error on their part, not mine and they disagreed. They were not willing to work with me financially at all (I mean 7 MONTHS later and they want me to pull this out of my pocket and hand it over) I was under the impression this was all settled before delivery. The woman who sold me the sofa was not understanding nor willing to work with me so she let me speak to the owner Frank. Let me tell you, he was a complete jerk. He never apologized for the misunderstanding and was not willing to work this out with me at all. He said “well someone has to pay for this, I mean you already basically got 6 months of 0% financing as it is what more do you want from me?” We’ll an apology and admitting your fault would’ve been nice. Will report to BBB!

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