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Nightmare in Dogtown!

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Posted by Ross B from Hebron, IL on April 22, 2013

Run as fast as u can away from this store! I bought a leather sofa, love seat, chair, ottoman, dining room set. quite a bit of furniture. I got a cracked mirror in china cabinet, cracked granite on server table, forgot my ottoman, a dining room table that looked it had a hatchet taken to it, a blemish in cabinet door, a leaf that wouldnt fit and Kerry Akin, the grumpy old man called me and cussed me out saying he couldnt make me happy! My advice is make them deliver! What if I had rented a truck and picked this furniture up? It would have cost me a fortune! Always keep your receipt handy as proof to the sherrif you paid for it. They cannot come and take furniture out of your home with the receipt.You've been warned!

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