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Horrible Experience

  • Selection: Very poor
  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor
Good Price
Horrible Customoer Service. Quoted times are completely inaccurate. Never call back and talk to you like garabage.
Delivery Speed
Issue Resolution

Posted by Billy W from Birmingham, AL on July 23, 2010

We ordered furniture from them and was quoted a 6 week period before they would have the order at the store for us to pick up. This was 10 weeks before our lease was up and they agreed to hold the furniture for us at no cost. I called at week 6 and was told maybe it’ll be in next week, that they really can’t say till they get it in. I call again weeks 7-11 with the same answer. At this point we have already moved from Huntsville to Birmingham, take into mind already renting a Uhaul. While calling this entire time we get the answer “let me check on it and I’ll call you right back”. Not once did anyone return my phone calls. I always had to call back the next day and ask again. Our furniture arrived at the beginning of week 12, double the time quoted! I spoke with the owner and asked that he make this right and at least deliver the furniture for us or split the delivery cost because of the inconvenience it has been. He became irate and said I was just trying to squeeze him for money or beat him out of something. Not once did I ever get an apology for how long it took or the way he spoke to me. I now have to rent a second Uhaul for $150 plus gas from Fort Payne to Birmingham. The money and time it cost us we would have been better off just paying more and buying the bedroom suit directly from Ashley. If you don’t want to be called back and could care less when you see your furniture order from this guy! They could care less about you once they have your money! Horrible customer service!

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