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Our 10 year old Verlo is better than our new one.

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Posted by Terry from Racine, WI on February 12, 2014

I spoke to Bill Lawrey in Racine this morning and stated the following. We purchased a Verlo King Ashford on 2/22/2012 for $1800 inv. rw00011580. This was a lot for a mattress, a few hundred more than the national brands, because we had good luck with our prior Verlo purchase and they were manufactured locally. After 6 weeks the body impressions were very deep and we contacted Verlo. The mattress was picked up 3/12 and returned 3/13 and after one night we had the same issue starting so we were told that we would be happier with flip design, so we paid another $350 to get that mattress. Invoice rw00011872 states in bold letters that this was an exchange. The new bed was delivered 3/20/13. For quite sometime since my wife has been experiencing sciatic pain and a physical therapist suggested it might be our bed so she moved to the old Verlo mattress and it helped. My wife contacted Verlo and was told we were still in the first year and the adjustment Comfort guarantee would be free. I contact Mr Lawrey on 2/12//13 to ask about the comfort adjustment and did he have any beds in the Racine store that we could try for firmness. He said there wasn't anything in the Racine store and the mattress would have to be picked up and we would have to go to Greenfield to test it. I spoke to my wife and she reluctantly said OK because she works and we could not go on Saturday or feel a similar firmness in Racine. I called Bill back and was advised that the year started in Dec 2012 and not when we purchased a flip design in March 2013 although we did pay the difference in purchase price and the receipt clearly states "THIS IS AN EXCHANGE!! SEE INVOICE NOTES" I was told the adjustment cost would be in access of $200. I was a bit surprised and said we already have $2100 in this bed and felt the comfort guarantee would be at no charge because it was within the year. Bill asked me what I wanted and I said no charge and he said Verlo would not consider that. Then I said perhaps the $50 shipping and was told no. I then said I would pay $100 and also told no. After thinking about this I rescind my $100 and would like the bed adjusted at no cost. I am not going to bad mouth Verlo because, although that might make me feel better, it wouldn't help the situation. I await your reply. Thanks.

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