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Posted by Earth a from Colorado Springs, CO on October 30, 2020

My wife and I decided it was time to trade in our old bed for a newer more healthy and versatile model with memory foam and an adjustable base. As I am a 100%, medically retired US ARMY Combat Arms Soldier (double amputee at the knees from Combat Arms Service in the US ARMY), maybe this is why I am being treated like a second rate citizen from GHOSTBED (Nature Sleep)?!?! My wife unfortunately battles her battle with blood cancer, and I wish I could take that burden away from her. Sleep is sometimes an entire nights fight from aches, pains, and night terrors from PTSD. We are on a VERY thin spread fixed income because of my injuries and disabilities, (Medically Retired/US ARMY) from my US ARMY Combat Arms Service, and my wife is my caretaker. We spent months investigating, saving and planning for a new bed purchase, and we finally decided on GHOSTBED, which in hindsight may have been a major mistake. After deciding on our order, we informed my son, which had to quarantine for two weeks before, since my wife and I are BOTH immune compromised because of my injuries and her blood cancer. He is the one to tasked to bring in the mattresses and frames downstairs to our bedroom and set them up. Earlier in the day he cleared out the old mattress and frame to make room for the new ones. After the new frames and mattresses were all here he started to set them up. After he unpacked the first one he asked us if “we bought these USED”? And he unpacked the second base, which showed the same damage. So two frames, same damage from usage?!?! We all agreed that they looked used and just repackaged to sell again, or at least were show models, and I am sure that with the serial number of both frames that can be tracked. My son took pictures to document all of the damage. He hade to set up both beds, instead of just sending them straight back, and have them ready since the old beds were already hauled off, by my son. I contacted GHOSTBED (A COMPANY THAT RUNS UNDER NATURES SLEEP BTW), per email, and received no response.

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