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Never Again

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Posted by Chris from Atlanta, GA on February 22, 2017

Never again. They are a low budget store that caters mainly to low income people. Their no credit-check finance options make them attractive to people who can’t pay cash or have good credit. Understand this: there are several stores in South Metro Atlanta who offer no credit check in house financing. Look around. I was looking to upgrade my 10-year old son’s bunkbeds. My wife found a bed at Rooms To Go on sale for $596.00 not including mattresses. I took off work to handle business. I was in Union City and walked over to look at it. For those who have not been there, they are in an old Wal Mart store. For years they never painted over the "Thank You For Shopping Wal Mart" sign above the exit. There is no carpet or tile on the floors & the walls are long overdue for paint. Most staff dress unprofessionally, are rude, & use profanity in front of customers. However, my phone was on the blink and I could not see my screen. Because they advertise them self a "low price leader" I assumed their process was less than Rooms To Go. I looked at other stores and found items with better process but it was what my son wanted. I decided to get the bed & two really nice mattresses. When it was all said & done, I had spent $1500 cash on a budget of 700. I got my phone on and called my wife. When she told me the Rooms to Go Price, I went back for a refund but they were closed. I went the next day and spoke to a "manager" who told me that had a no refund policy only store credit. With each visit, I encountered at least one rude employee. I filed a BBB complaint. They never responded. I filed a complaint with the state. They ignored it too. Finally, we decided to use the store credit in fear of them going out of business. The lesson here, buy anywhere but there. If you need no credit financing, there are options.

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