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Don't shop at Tyson's!

  • Selection: Very poor
  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor
Old, old, old place.
Delivery Speed

Posted by Rob K from Asheville, NC on May 17, 2012

Terrible company! This company is stuck in the 40's! They are still using paper with carbon to place orders! It's obvious the owners have no desire to change with technology. It's a "catalogue" showroom! Stay home and order online! I ordered several pieces of furniture and come to find out they were about to deliver only one piece if it wasn't for my prowness! After threatening to cancel my entire order, they delivered all furniture a day after the original date. Coffee table arrived damage and the center cabinet door is crooked! The Hooker ornate desk knob and screw was stripped. The customer service rep sent me a new screw/knob. Screw was too short! She told me in an email to go to a hardware store to find a proper screw!!! Can you believe that! The salesperson's email in-box is full so I couldn't get my emails through! Be ready to stand at their old counter to view catalogues if this is what you want. No chairs to sit on! It's like going through a time machine walking in this place. It hasn't changed since their inception decades ago. I will never recommend nor purchase from this company again especially the salesperson who was loud and somewhat obnoxious and would always make claims that other furniture stores furniture was made in China! Well, many of their brands are too!!! These are the facts!

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