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  • Selection: Fair
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  • Service: Very poor
Product Quality

Posted by John from Lady Lake, FL on February 10, 2019

I bought a bedder way vertical murphy style bed and side cabinets shipping company no good and boxes and products damaged both bed outside surface and shelves damaged beyond repair The side cabinets are shorter than bed and have no cut outs in the back like bed does so I needed to cut out moldings to try and get side cabinets flush to wall and it still does not look as good as other companies that sell side cabinets the same height as the bed. The clean up took 2 hours to try and separate all the glued on white Styrofoam from the cardboard and the little pieces of Styrofoam go all over the place. The pistons that raise the bed stick up vertically next to the sleepers head and are ugly. With other companies you don't see them. No one to even answer the phone on weekends. Buyer beware!! I got damaged goods and inferior product and would not buy from them again

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