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Posted by Chris from Sarasota, FL on January 27, 2015

Being a first-time mattress buyer in the US, I was overwhelmed by what's out there - and even more by how to get a good package together. I spent two days shopping around locally and when I finally knew what I wanted, the pricing of the big department stores was just horrific and intransparent. I was about to give up when I came across Sweet Dreams Mattresses. YES! Finally a clearly structured website, lots of good information and better pricing than anywhere else. I loved the experience. But when it came to the check-out, I had seconds thought ... is it really a good idea to spend so much money online? Will I get my stuff? And who is "Sweet Dreams Mattress"? So I started in their chat (yes, it's a real person on the other end) and eventually picked up the phone and called. Meet Andrew! Nicest guy in the world, very knowledgeable and trustworthy. He steered me towards the right package and even found a Manufacturers Rebate for me to lower the price even more. No more second thought about buying online. He was so on top of the resulting shipping process, the delivery company's dispatcher said, she had him virtually hovering above her to make sure everything went according to schedule. So what can I say? Thank you Sweet Dreams Mattress, thank you Andrew. You guys helped me find the best best mattress, gave me one heck of a deal and followed through until everything was set up and ready to use. Five stars, well deserved, a happy customer and a DEFINITE RECOMMENDATION!
Good Night, Sleep well!

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