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Posted by Mark L from West Bloomfield, MI on November 22, 2013

My wife and I were mattress shopping locally and could not figure out what type of mattress we wanted and comparing mattresses from different stores was nearly impossible. We called Sweet Dreams and spoke with Andrew who was instantly able to tell us what kind of mattress we would like based on our feedback from the different stores we had visited and he was also able to tell us what the mattresses were called at different stores (i.e. the mattress at Macy's is equivalent to this mattress at this other place, etc.) which made it easy to compare prices. And of course Sweet Dreams prices destroyed the local store pricing (where 50% off sales were constantly advertised which drove us crazy). Andrew was spot on the for our first mattress purchase and we just bought our second mattress from Sweet Dreams for guests coming in from out of town (we had them try out mattresses in their own town and giving that feedback to Andrew, he knew what we should get). Sweet Dreams has not let us down!

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