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An excellent website and personal customer service

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Customer Service

Posted by Atsuko from San Francisco, CA on March 11, 2021

You will know what you are buying after reading through their website, they have a low sales pitch and they seem to have figured out the market. They offer just two "Medium and Firm", solid 9 inch thickness(3x3 inches each natural latex layer, plus 1inch organic cotton cover) mattresses. An email communication is replied back the next day and they encourage you to call direct if they feel they can answer the question better speaking to you direct. Once the purchase is done and if you are not totally satisfied with it, they are more than happy to work with you. This was my first all latex mattress purchasing and it was one of the best online buying experiences. If you know for sure you want to buy all latex mattress, go and check out their website first. I highly recommend Spindle Co.

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