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We bought a bed and after 4 months returned it because it...

  • Selection: Very poor
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Customer Service

Posted by Robin from Waterloo, IA on March 22, 2021

We bought a bed and after 4 months returned it because it wasn't right. We upgraded to the plush version of the same mattress and it too is uncomfortable. Six months later I googled the gratify firm plush mattress and it wouldn't pull up so I called n talked to them today and they no longer sell that bed. Why? Cause it's a bad mattress. I have 4 receipts and none of them make sense. Fred was the salesperson, so I will call him when he returns to work in a few days. I would not recommend buying a mattress from Slumberland. Lebeda has a great Heritage bed that would be a much better deal. Total price I paid was 1,015.59. Sales person that price was inaccurate because it included taxes a delivery fee, and a protective cover you have to buy for it to be covered under a warranty. Everyone that buys a mattress pays taxes on it, etc. Bad experience all around.

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