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Posted by Teresa A from Minneapolis, MN on December 10, 2013

Our initial trip to this Slumberland was to purchase a bed. It was kind of a on a whim but a new bed had been in talk for awhile. We checked out the selection and determined we wanted a Tempur-pedic. There were at least three salespersons there that day that walked past us. Assuming they work on commission, I was surprised that no one approached us. One lady even asked us if we 'were having fun.' I thought that was a bit condescending. We were there for at least 20 min and left without any customer service.

We returned there (this location is close to our home so that was the determining factor, not a good one though) and approached a salesperson, Jim, and asked to talk about the beds. Upon checking out he took a very long time to type up our order. While we were at the desk some guy off the street walked in and asked the other salesperson for change for a $100. Very odd, at a Slumberland!?

Jim was unable to give us our delivery date at the time of purchase but called us later that evening with one. Two weeks out!

When it finally arrived there were three delivery men. Very friendly. They set up the bed/mattress and left me the remote and some papers (owners manual, warranty and an advertisement). I signed off on the delivery and looked at the stuff they left. That's when I grabbed the invoice (from the point of purchase) and ran outside to the delivery guys before they left and showed them that they have delivered the wrong bed. We ordered the Ergo Supreme (plus Tempur Cloud Supreme mattress). We received the correct mattress but were given the Tempur Basic. The difference? The Ergo Supreme goes up and down plus vibrates. The Basic goes up and down only... with a different of something like $1500. The delivery guys assured me that they delivered the correct bed and left.

I called the store and spoke to Jim. He LAUGHED at me when I told him that my bed didnt have the features that we thought we paid for. He tried to explain how to use the remote when I interrupted him and told him we don't have that remote. He then looked up the order and made up some excuse about how the SKUs changed on him at the very moment he was putting in our order. Being it was two days before Thanksgiving he told me to call back the Wednesday AFTER Thanksgiving to set a new delivery date for our actual bed.

I was outraged. I called back the next day and spoke to salesperson Dana. She also LAUGHED at me when I asked her for a delivery date for our actual bed. She told me she couldn't do anything since she wasn't our salesperson. I told her she has to call me back that afternoon (I was on my work break at the moment) with a date. Instead, salesperson Randy calls my fiance with Jim's work schedule for next week.

Eventually, we get a hold of Jim and he gives us a new delivery date and a post ponement on the credit card payment.

Now that we have our bed I can say that I love it. I sort of wish we got the Ergo Deluxe that had more massaging features but regardless, I often fall right to sleep with the head of the bed elevated.

Worst customer service ever. I suspect that they thought they were getting away with ripping us off since I noticed Yelp reviews with similar situations. Major scam!

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