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Bad Mattresses, Company Will Not Help After Sale

  • Selection: Fair
  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor
They sell used or defective mattresses

Posted by Travis from O Fallon, MO on October 20, 2017

The sales person told me I could do as many reselects as needed until we found the perfect mattress for us. For that reason I started at the lower end and chose a $1300 mattress first. The first mattress I bought was defective and the entire top where our heads lay sunk in after the 30 day trial. We returned it and paid a $99 reselect fee plus shipping to get another mattress. While choosing the second mattress the sales person was in a very big rush to leave for a wedding and pointed me to their top of the line spring mattress telling me this bed is great. He even told me he had the same and asked other sales people what they slept on and they answered they also use this mattress. Sounded great so I paid another $1200 to get it. After the first night my wife and I both had pain and numbness. The top layer of the mattress is so thin you can feel the springs pushing against you. Both of us began getting numbness in our hips and shoulders, arms falling asleep and back pain! I waited the 30 days to do another reselect for $99. Upon arrival I was informed that on the back of the receipt the policy states there is only 1 reselect allowed. What!? That is not what I was told and the policy was never explained or read to me at checkout. Also, during the mattress reselect the sales person never once mentioned this would be my only reselect.

So, now I'm stuck with a $2500 mattress that causes my wife and I horrible pain and numbness. I've gone back and forth with the store manager (who was also the sales person that sold me) for 3 weeks now and he just keeps telling me he is trying but he can't do anything. I also called the corporate office and they also told me there is nothing they can do. I even offered to pay another $99 reselect fee plus the shipping and buy a more expensive mattress and they won't let me. They are holding me to a policy that I was not informed of and never signed. I want a reselect or my money back so I can shop at a responsible business.

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