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Terrible customer service

  • Selection: Fair
  • Expertise: Fair
  • Service: Very poor
Customer Service

Posted by Stacey from Janesville, WI on March 30, 2018

After reading other reviews, I completely understand why Janesville Slumberland has horrible customer service!!! I received a broken table that was covered under the manufactures warranty. The technician who helped me said it was going to be delivered for free because it was an issue through them. But now the store manager Tom Campbell did nothing to help. If anything, he was very rude and came off as being annoyed to help the customer. This actually isn’t the first time I’ve seen terrible customer service at that store. I’ve always gone through Madison where the salespeople there go out of their way to help you and even offer better deals! Definitely sticking to Madison’s Eastside store, even though I live in Janesville.

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