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MATT GINSBURG makes your dreams come true, literally!!!

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Customer Service

Posted by Kimberley from Quakertown, PA on December 6, 2019

MATT GINSBURG is the best!!!! I cannot thank him enough for giving me such an amazing deal on a mattress and both ended adjustable base. I have debilitating sciatic pain from a car accident in 2015 (my car was split in half, I'm lucky to be alive). I wake up every morning in pain. I laid on the Purple mattress in his store, and instantly fell in love. I have never laid on a bed and not felt pain before - I knew this is the one I needed in my life. Matt encouraged me the entire time and educated me on the benefits of a proper mattress suited for my body. He let me lay around, followed me and showed me all of my options. He went above and beyond to make sure I was happy, and I am getting my delivery on a Sunday, which is also extremely convenient for me as I am an emergency dispatcher and Nursing student - weekdays are never easy for me. I will recommend Matt specifically to everyone I know in need of a mattress. I can't wait to finally sleep through the night. I have a smart watch that monitors my sleep - last night, I was only in REM sleep for ONE HOUR and 15 minutes. I tossed and turned in pain all night long - I don't know how I am even functioning. I am so excited to sleep comfortably for the first time since my accident, and I will update this when I do. Matt, thank you - you have given me the best Christmas gift I have ever received. You are so friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about your job. YOU are wonderful!!! Every company needs a Matt!!! He broke down everything about my mattress SCIENTIFICALLY and explained all the patterns and phases of sleep and the breakdown of my mattress materials. He is a true professional!!!

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