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We were tricked

  • Selection: Very poor
  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor
It is a nice mattress, just not for us.
Customer service is HORRENDOUS!!!
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Posted by Thomas E from Medway, MA on January 22, 2011

We needed a new mattress so we stopped in at sleepies. The lady there had us lay on the pressure sensor mat and recommended a sleep to live Red+Green 800. My side red and my wife's green. This mattress could not have been more wrong for us. That pressure mat is WAY off. So after begging and pleading (and 450.- dollars for exchange) we got sleepies to give us a new mattress. This time Red Red. Still Terrible. What we should have gotten because I am a side sleeper is a mattress without a pillow top. You see, this was a very expensive mattress. 4 Grands to be exact. The people who work for Sleepies make commission on the beds they sell so of course they want to sell you the most expensive one. And how do I know this? Because the guy who came to examine our mattress to see if it was out of warranty (witch it was not) told us the inner workings of Sleepies. He was a Sub Contractor contracted by Sleep to Live and other companies. And what do we know about buying a bed? We take there advice because there the professionals. Well they screwed us big time. We cannot exchange or return the mattress. We would have to eat it. And I am pissed! I want to make sings and go protest this store. I wish I had checked up on them because what I got, was NOT what I wanted. Now I never sleep well. I wake up tired and exhausted. And my shoulders are constantly in pain from sleeping on my side.

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