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Awful, overpriced mattress, horrid customer service

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  • Service: Very poor
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Posted by Lo D from Boston, MA on April 14, 2012

• Yelp
• Looking for a mattress, go to SLEEPY’S – NOT
• The most Trusted Name in Mattresses – NOT
• The Mattress Professionals – NOT

Just a warning, go elsewhere! We purchased a mattress from Sleepy’s March 22, 2010. The salesmen will “wine and dine” you; they say they are professional; but do they know much about their product? Do they stand behind their product? I fear not.

We purchased a Stern’s and Foster, Premium Queen with box spring for a total of $1,953.12. As you can see we went for the top of the line for quality. They say you get what you pay for, not in this case. This mattress came with a 10 year warranty. (Try to collect on that.)

We experienced sagging, body impressions, lumps-- we had waves going horizontally as well as vertically. I called several times but was informed I must be HOME with the mattress. I had all my information, (such as serial numbers, dates, brand names, etc.) but that was the rule, you must be home with the product.

My complaint was accepted, but now I had to wait another two weeks for someone to call me with an appointment date. Finally, the big day was coming-- November 1, 2011. The gentleman came at 8:00AM so I didn’t have to take off more than an hour from work. He took pictures and examined the mattress all in complete silence; he wouldn’t exchange a word with me. (Not getting a good feeling…) He told me I would be hearing from them within a week to 10 days.

Finally the verdict was in, it was not replaceable. It did not meet their standards for a replacement. I was distraught and in pain by now, not only psychologically but we were physically suffering more and more each day from the poor condition of the mattress……what a nightmare!

Go anywhere else, please do yourself a favor. Do not go to the “Mattress Professionals” – (NOT)

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