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Sleepy's does not honor warranties

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    Posted by Kelly H from Croton On Hudson, NY on April 15, 2013

    My husband and I purchased our first Stearn's & Foster mattress two years ago for $975.00. The foam "no roll" sides of the mattress began to bulge out before we even made it a year. Sleepy's sent a mattress inspector and we received a credit for the FULL amount at the Sleepy's store. Feb 2012 we went to replace the DEFECTIVE mattress and were told they no longer make that model we would have to upgrade and pay additional money. So another $300.00 we upgraded to a Stearn's & Foster Luxury Plush model, great it was comfortable and we loved it, fast forward to March 2013, the "No Roll" foam side is bulging AGAIN! We called Sleepy's and the mattress inspector came, who by the way said that the bulge was bad (Said during the inspection). The inspector said he would expedite our report and that the warranty would cover the defect. One week later and still no letter so we stopped into a Sleepy's store and the salesperson had to call the Sleepy's customer service who told him that the damage wasn't enough for a replacement oh but they would offer us a partial credit of $600.00. The salesman (without telling us this) told them this wasn't satisfactory so then the person (on the phone) went to the "supervisor" and they would offer us a credit for $1007.00 which covers 80% of the mattress. The salesman then explained how he "fought" for us and how he persuaded them to give us this amount, telling us that this was 80% and we should pretend that we rented our current mattress for a year for the lost money! Oh and the salesman then tried to pressure us into accepting the partial credit and he would personally give us a great discount on a better model and possibly credit us the shipping fee. Or I could wait 60 days and get another inspection, on a mattress that by their own math only 20% of our mattress is still good. But there is no guarantee that this credit will still be offered in 60 days. What has really made me angry is that the $252.00 I have lost is dismissed. I don't know about anyone else but I don't have extra money to lose any amount. How can Sleepy's justify saying that 80% of the mattress is replaceable but not all of it? This is clearly a mattress DEFECT not a sag or caused by improper support. I wonder how much of a markup Sleepy's is passing onto customers if the salesperson can afford to give us such a great discount and other offers. A mattress is very expensive at a time when extra cash is hard to spare, as a customer I expect the warranty that I was told would cover all DEFECTS to be honored in full. I was fully prepared at the possibility of spending additional money for the new mattress, but not spending more money because I only received a partial credit. Now I guess I have to wait 60 days and hopefully not fall off the bed when I roll off the sagging side, I might get 80% hurt and the doctor might only fix me 20%.

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