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Posted by Elizabeth from Hershey, PA on January 1, 2015

My complaint is not so much with the store but the with the lack of communication and customer care and service that was extremely lacking. I purchased two beds from the store and set up a delivery date and time window. Due to human error my phone number was entered into the system incorrectly, when I was called to confirm delivery the number was not me and my purchased items were not delivered. I contacted the service department to try to solve the issue. I was very understanding and told the worker my problem. I have children without beds, and that we were expecting a delivery. I asked her if the bed could still be delivered and she said no they were unable to locate the driver. That seems hard to believe that a trucks with expensive items in it is unable to be located. I offered to drive to the truck and pick up the mattress, or come across state lines to the warehouse to pick them up. Again she relayed that she did not know where the truck was and this was not an option. I called the store and relayed that I would need my money back so I could go somewhere else to purchase mattresses so my children would have them. The store told me there was a two week waiting periods before I could expect a check in the mail. There was no manager and one could not be reached. I set up a new delivery time and will be without mattresses until they arrive due to also not getting money back to make a new purchase. I was very willing to resolve the situation and very disappointed in the lack of communication in the chain of command. I will not be recommending this product to anyone due to the lack of professionalism that occurred. Mistakes happen and that is fine, however the company made no attempt to correct the situation or have empathy for my situation. Instead of being excited it turned into a being a headache.