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Mattress Nightmare in New Hampshire

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Posted by Dan B from Concord, NH on August 13, 2011

On August 5th, I entered the Sleepy's Store in Concord, NH with the intention of purchasing a mattress for my bedroom. Initially, the customer service was very considerate, allowing me to test out several mattresses. I had found a mattress that had met my expectations with little to no problems. While checking out, the salesman asked if I would like a pair of the pillows that I had been using to test the mattresses. At this point, I had asked how much they were and he said "100 bucks." The salesman also introduced me to the goretex mattress cover. During the comparison to the goretex competitors, he had mentioned that several of the competitors would have to be ordered, but the goretex mattress cover was in stock and could come with the mattress. All things considered, I felt that the investment was worth protecting my purchase, and decided on the cover. I had also told the salesman that I would like a pair of the pillows, under the interpretation that when he had asked me if I would like a pair, that the pair would be $100. The salesman asked me to sign the credit card screen once for the warranty and again for the purchase. I was able to print out a 20% coupon and that was applied to my in store purchase. After signing, the salesman provided me with the itemized purchase list, indicating two separate $100 purchases for each pillow ($80 with 20% off). Additionally, a $89 delivery fee was listed, which was not discussed at any point during my visit to the store. With the 20% coupon, the price for my mattress was $1039.99.

As it was 6 pm that night, I did not expect same day delivery. The salesman used the phone to arrange a delivery on the following day (August 6th), but was unable to provide a time frame. I was told to call the Sleepy's phone number the following morning. I asked if a particular time was needed to be called, and the salesman told me that whenever I woke up, I could call. He told me that if I woke up at 6am, I could call then, but informed me that the earliest the delivery would arrive would be 10am. I awoke the following morning at 6am and called the Sleepy's phone number for my delivery time frame window. I was told 7am-10pm. At this point, I talked to one of the online customer service representatives. In reference to the salesman telling me to call at 6am, he told me that "he or she did not know what they were talking about." He informed me that I should call back at 8am. I repeated calling back at 8:00, 8:30, 9:00, 9:15 and 9:30, receiving the same "7am to 10pm" response. I confirmed using the online version, and it stated that same window. At this point, I decided to drive back to the store to figure out what my time frame would be. At the store, I was told that the delivery would be "at approximately 4:16 pm," and was told that a time frame of 2 to 6 pm would be appropriate. I called again and checked online to double check, and received the same "7am-10pm" time frame.

Around 2:30pm, the delivery guys arrived. I was informed that the goretex mattress cover would not be delivered that day, as it was shipping via UPS. The mattress was not delivered without incident. As one guy told me, they were training a new delivery individual, which I am not against, but there was very little direction. The mattress was snug on a handrail, and instead of looking to see what it was caught on, the delivery guy continued to push and pull until the plastic covering was torn open and indentation was shown on the mattress. Upon getting into the bedroom, they knocked over my footboard cover, and threw the bed aggressively onto the frame. At this point, I signed the delivery form and asked the guy if they had any information for tracking the shipment of the mattress cover. He told me that he had no information, as it was coming directly from the warehouse and that I would just have to wait and receive it sometime during the week. Ironically, the bottom of the invoice states that everything on the invoice will be delivered on the specified day or you will be offered full refund of undelivered merchadize or given a specific delivery date. I was offered neither. The delivery men left and I was left very disappointed, but decided to access their website to see if I could find more information about my mattress.

Upon signing on to their website, I discovered that the mattress would have cost $917 online, instead of $1039.99 (which was, remember, the 20% off price). If I had not had the coupon, I would have been paying $1300 for a $917 mattress. At least online the delivery fee was presented upfront, even though it was $69, instead of the undisclosed $89 in-store delivery cost.

At this point, I really do not know what to say.

1. The goretex liner that the salesman stressed to be very important to stop the sweat from getting on the mattress was not delivered on delivery day. I'm now forced to sleep on a bed without a liner (even though I purchased one), until it arrives, which I have no information of expected delivery date, etc. A week later, I finally get information that UPS is delivering it on Monday, a week and a half after I got my mattress. The best part was that the liner was not shipped until Thursday, almost an entire week after it was meant to be shipped.
2. I was mislead by the salesman that the pair of pillows was $100, when in fact the price was $100 each. The pillows are roughly worth $40 each, but no way near $100 a piece. To be perfectly honest, this situation was completely unfair and I feel intentionally misleading.
3. When I am told to call a phone number to receive some form of information, I expect to receive that information. I think it is completely ridiculous that I have to return to a store to get information that in my mind should have at best been given when the order was placed, and at worst when I make the phone call.
4. The delivery fee was $89.99 when I buy a mattress in store, but $69.99 when I buy online. I really don't understand this. In addition, I think for such an expensive delivery fee, the delivery team should use a white-glove service, be very gentle on my purchase and considerate. I, unfortunately, did not experience such a delivery event.
5. I find it INCREDIBLY appalling that the price in store (WITH A 20% coupon) was over $100 more expensive than the online purchase price. Where is the sense in this? Are they attempting to deter people from entering the store? I have often found something I purchased one day at another location on another day for a lower price, but I have NEVER found a price by the same store to be undercut on the very same day.

When I contacted Sleepy's regarding this whole situation, I became even more frustrated. The customer service representative completely disregarded the pillow situation and the rest of his responses seemed to be automatic, as if they get this alot.

The delivery fee, according to him, was posted behind the salesman's desk. When I asked why it was $89 in store and $69 online, he told me that he could credit me $20. I don't want the credit, I want to know why and I want them to stop getting extra money from customers for the same service. Comparable furniture stores will charge you about $40 for the same service, which I found out too late. The representative also told me that he would exchange my mattress for a new one if it was damaged. What is really the point, its going to be delivered by the same people? Luckily, mattresses are flexible and I don't think any permanent damage was done but for $89 I think I shouldn't even have to see it.

The representative completely disregarded my pillow point, which I found irritating.

He told me that he had shipping information for my mattress cover. This is now a week after the purchase, which I think is a little late. Considering the salesman stated that this qualified me for a 5 year return policy, I was somewhat intrigued. Upon inquiring, there is a $200 service fee to do the exchange (not return, like the salesman promised) and then it depends on how long you had the mattress. For example, if you had the mattress four months, they will apply your purchase to a new mattress of equal or greater value, but you still have to pay 20%. The best part was that the mattresses listed that this return applies to does not include my mattress, and the salesman used this warranty as a selling point to sell the mattress cover. Awful business tactic. This is no deal; this is a poor excuse for a warranty.

The most frustrating point was when the customer service representative told me that I would not be credited for the difference between in-store and online prices. He proceeded to tell me that they "do not price check themselves" Essentially, he told me it was okay because I was undersold by them, and not by one of their competitors. Absolutely ridiculous.

If you want my advice, find a local family owned furniture store that sells furniture in your price range. Inquire to them about purchasing a mattress and they will give you not only a fair price, but fair service; they are relying on their reputation in the community. Learn from my experience: Stay away from Sleepy's unless you want poor service and an extra 40% onto the price tag.

They are not the mattress professionals; they remind me of used car salesmen.

Update: I signed on to their website today, 8 days after purchase. The online price for the mattress is now $952 online. There is no way the price went up $35 in 8 days. Talk about ridiculous!!!!

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