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Sleepy's Took All the Time In the World To Make Me Satisfied

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#1 Customer Service from Freddy in Brookfield, CT Next Day Delivery service A+++++ Awesome Deal, GREAT SLEEPING NOW
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Absolutely NONE!!!!

Posted by Kim H from New Fairfield, CT on September 13, 2011

September 3, 2011 @ Sleepy's in Brookfield, Connecticut - I walked in with intentions of only looking at matress' and going straight to Macy's to purchase a new matress.

Freddie, the Sleepy's representative, very casual and professional approached me and gave me 110% of his undivided attention for a hour and a half. He showed me good, better and best matresses. Then he should me his favorite matress. The Dr. Breus matress.

I say to him, "Nope, never heard of it."

There was something about Freddie (whether he was just a really good salesperson) but I felt, the good karma, that he was being truly honest with me. After a good 20 minutes of laying on the Dr. Breus bed and listening to Freddie speak, we sat down together to talk about pricing.

My husband was not with me. Who was desparate for a new bed, because he was sleeping on an air matress and I slept on the couch the previous few days - I asked Freddie, when can it be deliverd and he says, tomorrow. I said, WHAT? He said, I can have the bed at your house tomorrow - pick a time slot.

SOLD!!! Next day delivery, great deal. AWESOME!!! So, this is where it gets very interesting with the main reason for my writting this email to you.

First night, my husband (HUGE SNORER!), goes to bed. I go to bed a little later. And amazingly, NO snoring. Absolutely no noise from this man. He makes music with his snoring not tonight, on our brand new bed.

Second night....repeat!

Third night and so on (so far) - no freakin' snoring.

Please tell - what in the world is in this matress that my husband is not snoring anymore. :-)
By no means am I complaining at all - in fact - I'm very grateful to Dr. Breus!!!!

Even our 13 year old black lab (our girly whirly) who, takes up a large part of the bed - slept very well. Along with 2 other dogs, 3 cats and my 8 year sleep walking, sneaking into our bed in the middle of the night.

I'm absolutely LOVING our Dr. Breus bed and I pray its guarantee is a proven fact for years to come. I plan on telling everyone back it.

Thank you so much for letting me share my story with you.

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