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Sleeping Organic -={SUCKS}=-

  • Selection: Very poor
  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor
sales people are condescending and can't answer your questions.
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Posted by Jeremy from Eldred, PA on October 7, 2019

They market this a customized sleeping solution based on your weight and sleep style. What they don't tell you is the wool zip-on mattress encasement is so taunt when you lay on it, that you don't get to sink into the mattress at all. It feels so firm even though I chose a soft Talalay layer as my top layer. When contacting their customer service they brashly suggested that we unzip the mattress encasement and we try sleeping on it just flapping around and loose. This is a terrible solution/suggestion for a mattress that costs $2200...and that's the 25% off Labor Day sale price.

When we expressed to them we wanted to return the mattress for a full refund, we had to contact them 5 times to get the answers we needed. It states on their website that returning the mattress will cost $99, but most online mattress retailers offer risk-free trials...I'm losing money for trying their product.

Returning their product is a rediculous and difficult task. First, you have to keep the 4 extremely large boxes and plastic bags if you want the option of returning this mattress. Each layer is extremely heavy and weighs 60 lbs. The layers come vacuum packed so there is room for the wool mattress encasement and pillows which were included for free for us. They demand you fit everything they sent you back into those 4 boxes. All I can say is good luck...without a vacuum sealing machine, the king-sized foam fills the entire box. One of their customer service representatives told me to dump the shredded latex from the pillows into the garbage and then send the empty pillowcases. What's the point of sending empty pillowcases...unless they're going to resell them. Did I get used pillows that someone else used? Gross! After several very frustrating calls to their customer service (who is very condescending), but I finally spoke to someone with answers. Their solution was for us to keep the pillows but they would send me a separate box for the mattress encasement...their expense. Why send it back unless they plan to resell it again.

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