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It's like buying a car

  • Selection: Good
  • Expertise: Good
  • Service: Poor
Sales Pressure
Overall Value

Posted by Luna from Chula Vista, CA on August 24, 2020

Mary was very nice and informative. She at the end kept pushing for the tip of the line mattress but saying it's gonna be a better deal then the lower models but at the end she snuck in the " you have to buy one of our bases" if you want the warranty. Well the base was as expensive as the mattress and by the end 3 hours later we had to buy it all plus a waterproof sheet ($100) from them too. I left feeling ripped off, they are nice at the beginning then to seal the deal they bully you into all sorts of other stuff like a car salesman. The worst part was I knew the salesperson personally and she still did this to us. 4 years later this 19 inch Chattem and Wells mattress is my worst purchase.

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