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False Advertisement, Hate this store

  • Selection: Very poor
  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor
I can't think of any pros
Terrible customer support. At the time I made my purchase there had a very low inventory of choices.
Customer Service
Product Selection
Return Policy

Posted by Cindy B from Moorpark, CA on June 27, 2012

I purchased my Beauty Rest mattress and was told the pillow top was half latex foam and half memory foam by the sales rep Jonathan. It was delivered on May 8th. It was put in my guest room for my parents visit, with plans to move it to the master room after they left. My parents said it was not comfortable because the sheets didn't fit, and the foam top had a ridge that ran the whole length of the mattress right down the middle. We measured it and saw that it was 2" too narrow and 3" too short. A rep from Beauty Rest came out and declared that it was a defective mattress. So a replacement was delivered, here is where the problem started. It was so uncomfortable, and I really wanted to give it as much a chance as possible but the 45 day sleep on it policy the store has was from the date of the first delivery. Well how could I sleep on a defective mattress with this high ridge that ran down the middle, I have pictures to prove it. So by the time my new mattress was delivered I had less than 2 weeks to try it before the trial period was up. I went in and chose a different mattress yesterday and fell in love with a mattress that would have cost me an additional 1000.00 , but when I asked if they would waive the 15% exchange fee if I purchased this much more expensive mattress they refused. They could have earned 1000.00 more but refused to waive a fee of 157.00. I will never shop at this store again. They are not friendly people and not easy to work with.

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