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bad mattresses, poor customer service, horrendous return policy
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Posted by Jen G from Louisville, KY on February 25, 2012

This is what I submitted to the company and NEVER recieved a response from:

I just wanted someone to know of my experience with your company. On Thanksgiving weekend 2010, my husband and I went into our local store to purchase a mattress that we saw in an ad. We were told that the mattress advertised was "no good" and were talked into spending $500 more than we had anticipated for a mattress. Afraid to remove the plastic in case we wanted to return it, we slept horribly for one night on the plastic covered bed. When I called the next day to tell our salesperson that the mattress was very uncomfortable, I was told that you really can't tell how the mattress feels without removing the plastic and the hardness was just from the plastic. So, we removed the plastic and slept decently for about 6 months (couldn't return it because we had taken the plastic off). Then after 6 months, the mattress developed a large size indention in the middle of the bed. After calling and inconveniently meeting inspectors at my house in the middle of a work day, I received a letter stating that I could exchange my mattress. We returned to the location where we originally purchased the mattress only to be sent to THREE different local stores that day to find someone to help us to exchange. It was something about the computer system not letting them exchange it because we had financed it. Of course, they no longer sold our mattress. Our options were to do an even exchange for what we were told was a way less superior mattress or spend an extra $300 for a better mattress. We went with the better mattress thinking that finally our nightmare would be over. Wrong. Four months into this mattress and there are two large dips! And still is not what I would consider a comfortable mattress. One day we removed the mattress cover sold to us by your company (we were told that you strongly advise buying this mattress cover because it won't let spills stain the mattress if we should ever need to return it - another $60!) to wash it and needed to sleep on the mattress before the cover was dry, so we put the sheets on without the cover. What a great night sleep we got! That mattress cover is horrible and it took us over a year of uncomfortable sleep to figure it out! I don't care about staining the mattress without the cover because I would just assume burn the mattress than have to deal with another exchange, which is why I will not call about the two dips on our new one. Also, I purchased the "I love my pillow" from your company and after several months of sleeping on this, it is flat and uncomfortable as well. Needless to say, I am not happy. I just wanted someone to know the ordeal we have had with your company and see how you handle it before I put this exact statement on review boards.

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The customer service does sound very poor. The mattress protector will change the feel of the mattress a lot if it fits to tight and can make it uncomfortable. If it fits correctly you should not feel the difference on with a good mattress protector. The sales person should know, which mattress his cover works well on and which ones it doesnt. The return policy will be essentially the same no matter where you buy. For comfort guarantee you are usually required to sleep on the mattress for at least 30 days and are usually good for 60 to 90 days. After that it would need to be a manufacture defect. For premium line all foam they cover body impressions of anything greater than 3/4" for innerspring it is 1 1/2 impression. I would have to agree customer service may have been poor, but the return policy is normal

By: Anonymous on August 15, 2012

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