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if i had a take two, i would never ever buy from them

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Posted by Simon on April 11, 2015

I bought a new mattress for my new build. first delivery date the delivery guys for some reason got pissed off because by first floor stairs don't have enough room for the mattress to go up... they offer to leave it on the back door, with my recent surgery there was no way i can move it upstairs. i told them no.. they throw the mattress back on the truck and stormed off.
A week later the finally resolved and promise the mattress would be delivered.. As i told them the mattress does not fit in the first floor stairs. it has to go through the front door. the delivery guy, pushed, bend and force the mattress up the first floor stair case, they finally gets it up to the room. As a result all my walls on my first floor staircase is a scuffed up, black marks all over. the house is a new built, fresh paint.
i called the store and told them about what happen.. they replied, that is how it is, it happens. as for your walls, may be a magic eraser may get the markings off.
that's what i get for buying a mattress from sleep factory.. not only have to work around their schedule, and also create more work for myself. cleaning the marking that they left!

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