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Using Covid to denounce Customer Service

  • Selection: Poor
  • Expertise: Poor
  • Service: Poor
Being misled and lied to
Customer Service
Shopping Efficiency

Posted by Victiria from Sylvan Lake, AB on April 2, 2021

Went in the store looking for pillows, we are repeat customers, however this time definitely left unsatisfied. I tried a couple pillows, covered with a paper sheet, however was told the one I liked felt different in a king, much firmer. She really didn’t want me buying the sale pillow which was on for half price. I asked to feel a king from the box and I was told due to covid they couldn’t open the box. Also that they were non refundable. I ended They were protecting the most vulnerable. I bought the other pillow which were $210 each!! I paid and with three boxes made my way out. No offer to hold the door or assist in anyway. Heaven forbid they showed any customer service while hiding behind their covid rules as if its an excuse to treat customers poorly. Needless to say I have two pillows at home that are not at all like the display and funny thing is the boxes had been opened and taped shut multiple times. I have no time for liars. My advice is find somewhere else to shop that isnt going to use covid as a way to denounce customers service and returns. No satisfaction guarantee at Sleep Country Red Deer.

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