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Terrible customer service and delivery crew

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  • Service: Very poor
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Posted by A from Burlington, ON on March 11, 2019

Dec. 2018 we purchased a mattress, boxspring and complete bed frame, headboard and footboard. We had a specific date and time frame to move, which was a Saturday in February. The salesman told us about the Premium Delivery, which by paying $50.00 you could guarantee delivery in your choice of a three hour window. So we paid the fee and booked our three hour window on the Saturday in February. A week prior to delivery I went into the store to pay the remainder of the invoice. the salesman there that day, not the original salesman, checked our order over, confirmed the date and mentioned the time frame entered wasn’t correct as the first salesman had entered p.m. into the system, so he changed the time frame to the 3 hour window we had paid for and said all was good, our items would arrive during our chosen time, and the driver would call three hours before to confirm.

Two days prior to delivery we received a phone call from a third salesman at the store, saying that unfortunately the Premium Delivery time frame could not be guaranteed on a Saturday, that the first salesman had made a mistake by booking it. We called Sleep Country customer service to explain what we had just been advised. After two phone calls explaining the situation that we had a booked time frame of the elevator use on the Saturday and that we had been told Sleep Country would deliver during that time since we had paid for Premium Delivery the customer service person told us they would call the store we dealt with and have them advise the driver to deliver during our booked time frame. Seemed everything was under control.

Saturday morning we received a call from the actual delivery driver telling us our delivery would arrive around 1 and he wouldn’t be able to deliver at 3 since “he would be home having a beer by then”. When we argued with him about our delivery time being 3 p.m. he became rather confrontational. Another call to Sleep Country customer service to enquire what had happened to our “guaranteed” promise of 3 p.m. delivery.

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