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they helped me when I really needed it.

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Customer Service

Posted by Linda from Brandon, MB on August 30, 2021

We purchased a bed from them and a mattress protector. We found that the mattress protector did not work for our bed. My husband was ready to throw it out. I needed to get a new one. At this time there was a lot happening in our lives so it was not on top of my list to purchase.
Almost a year later things had settled down so I called the Manager of the store explaining that I had just found out that there was a specific protector for our bed. I felt at the time of purchase we were not informed about that mattress protector and was told the one that was on sale would work. So that is why we purchased.
The Manager explained to me that I could not return it and I said I realized that because almost a year. He then worked out a price for me to get the mattress protector specifically for our bed. I felt he didn't have to do that. He really did work with me. So appreciated that.
In the end the new mattress protector works so excellent on our bed. Not a problem with it. That has been 6 months now that we have had it. Will shop again in their store!!!

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