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  • Selection: Fair
  • Expertise: Poor
  • Service: Very poor

Posted by Shira from Chicago, IL on November 15, 2018

Bought a mattress. Got the wrong one. Were promised by the guy to replace it for no cost for another one. Of course when it came to it, the "other" manager said they "don't do such things and I should buy a new one". Total scam.

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    omg, they did the same thing to me. i ordered a mattress and platform bed. the platform was out of stock so i told the delivery guy to cancel that. they showed up about 10 min before i had to leave for work with the mattress. but it was the wrong mattress! a very cheap mattress. this was 11-6. they still have not come to pick up the mattress nor have they refunded any of my money. not even the charge for the platform that was out of stock.Whitney said they were busy opening the new store (???) and that i could not get a refund until they pick up the mattress. BUT THEY HAVEN'T MADE TIME TO PICK UP THE MATTRESS. i told her i was available everyday except this past saturday. so she calls me on saturday to pick up the bed!!! i thanked her but reminded her i had told her i wasn't available that day. I can't buy a new bed until i get my refund and they pick up this cheap mattress. you are right, total scam. and now i have to spend my time pursuing a legal route. very stressed

    By: Anonymous on November 21, 2018

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