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They named it Sleep Cheap for a reason

  • Selection: Poor
  • Expertise: Poor
  • Service: Good
Product Quality

Posted by Suzanne from Jonesboro, AR on December 29, 2017

I knew nothing about them, but was hoping their mattress quality was on par with other mattress stores in town. We purchased a king size memory top hybrid mattress. It developed a dip within a few months but got worse as time went on. When we contacted the store they sent someone out to look at it and report back to manager. They no longer carried that brand due to return issues so we had to select a new mattress. They did not switch out the foundation and the new mattress developed a dip where we laid also. Someone came out to investigate and reported back to the store. This time they looked at the foundation and discovered it was board laying on top of the slats! So they brought the foundation that matched the new mattress, but did not switch out the mattress. The dip was still (can you guess?)we called them they brought another a week or two it had a dip and a ridge in the middle!! This is no joke! This time we go to the store and tell the salesman we want our money back because we think their mattresses are cheaply built and we are tired of this. The next day the manager calls and says no, we aren't getting our money back and they will send someone to come and take pictures and report back to him. Two days later the same guy comes, takes pictures and says they will be in touch. Today we got a call from the salesman saying he thinks the frame is causing the problem and they are replacing the entire matress, foundation and frame. The frame they brought was a heavier one than the we will see if that fixes it. I couldn't have thought this up if I tried! What a nightmare and my back is in worse shape than its been in years. Judge for yourself.

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    We have bought three mattresses there had problem with the king size they replaced it three times still got the same problems will not buy no more all we get is the runaround you can forget getting your money back i

    By: Anonymous on June 18, 2018

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