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Stay Away!!!

  • Selection: Very poor
  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor
Sales people are nice but don't tell you about the nightmare to follow
Sales Pressure
Delivery people will NOT place box springs and matress on existing bed frame.
Delivery Service
Issue Resolution

Posted by Mary H from Phoenix, AZ on December 28, 2010

Stay away from the metro center store! The sales people are nice enough but when it comes to the delivery service forget it. If you do not buy a frame with your matress set they just throw the new box springs and matress on the frame and if it needs adjustment they will not walk away, they will run stating, "you need a special tool" or "the bedframe is the wrong size for this bed". Odd, I have had two other California Kings on my bed frame which is for a California King, when I bought a california king from this store I told them I knocked the frame out a little while I was cleaning the carpet and could the delivery people tighten it when they delivered the mattress, the sales person said "yes" the delivery people said, "you need a special tool" and then when called on it said, "you have the wrong size frame". The only tool I ever needed was a wrench! I am a disabled veteran, they knew that and knew I could not lift this by myself to fix it, it has been three weeks and all kinds of excuses and still no resolution. Believe me, no one needs this Drama in their life, you pay far more in emotional distress then it worth buying a bed from this store. Debby Gabey sold the store to a Canadian company for a reason, no one in the U.S. wants the reputation this store is putting out there.

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