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Posted by Julia H from Woodland Hills, CA on February 18, 2015

I recently bought a mattress at Sit and Sleep and I am very disappointed. The mattress is flawed and it has a large lump on the left side where my husband sleeps. It was there from day one but when you buy a mattress from Sit and Sleep you have to wait 30 days before you can send it back if there is something wrong with it. Please look at the picture I have included.
I waited over thirty days and then I called. They sent out an independent mattress inspector who measured everything and even admitted that the mattress had a flaw. He said he would send the information he had gathered and the pictures to the manufacturer and they would send me a letter in a few days telling me what they would do. I totally expected a new mattress.
Well, I was wrong. There answer: Although mattress body impressions exceed normal warranty parameters (isn't that already saying something is wrong with the mattress???) Frame does not meet warranty requirements and does not provide sufficient support for a mattress of this size/weight.
Hold on a minute Sit and Sleep what does that have to do with a flawed mattress? That is just a cheesy way of getting out of giving me a mattress without any flaws in it. Furthermore, when you buy a mattress at Sit and Sleep, the salesperson reviews the warranty with you and never mentioned anything about a certain support for the mattress. And I have a witness for that. And I know my mattress is on slats and not a metal frame with the feet in the middle so I would have at least questioned that point in the warranty and may have opted out of buying the mattress at SIT AND SLEEP.
I have a special order bed frame that I ordered 18 years ago. It is a standard Queen size frame. I have had three different mattresses on it in that time and all of them fit fine.
When I called, the lady at SIT AND SLEEP she told me I would not get a new evaluation for a new mattress but that I could change the frame and put legs on it and that I should go to Home Depot and buy the necessary parts, then I could get a new evaluation. First of all, my husband is handicapped and can't do that kind of work anymore so I guess I would have to hire someone to do it for me. All I want is a new top mattress without a lump in it! What does this all have to do with the fact that the top mattress is flawed? If the entire frame crashed and fell to the floor it wouldn't change the fact that the mattress on top was flawed from the get go!
Our dear friend LARRY who does the commercials for SIT AND SLEEP has a new one. He introduces you to a group of salespeople who have worked at SIT AND SLEEP for many years and want to tell you , and these are the words from the commercial, "We're so confident we will fit you with just the right mattress WE GUARANTEE YOUR COMFORT."
Well, LARRY, we are not comfortable so I think you ought to stop that commercial because it is not true. FACT: You don't care about our comfort because we are not comfortable. Period.
And to add insult to injury they added: Alternatively, we may be able to offer a discount on the purchase of a new mattress. You may present this letter at any Sit'n Sleep store if you would like to take advantage of this offer. Does that even make sense? I do not have a frame to their specifications so I would never get a warranty so why would I ever consider buying another mattress from them ? They are really sleazy aren't they?
And you know what, LARRY, our mattress should have been FREE!

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