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Don't shop at Sit 'N Sleep

  • Selection: Very poor
  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Poor
Sneaky sales tactics, dishonest practices and policies meant to gouge the customer without them realizing it, limited selection, uninformed salespeople
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Posted by H M from Irvine, CA on August 21, 2010

The salespeople are worse than used car salesmen with really sneaky tactics. I was looking to spend around $750 and went there during their 50% off sale. They had apparently "sold most of their 50% off beds," so I was shown a "great deal" that was a $3000 floor model that was 50% off. I was told that I could test the bed out for 30 days and if I didn't like it I could exchange it for another bed. I told them about my back injuries and problems sleeping due to pain in my neck and hips. I was told I would LOVE this bed and I couldn't go wrong! I couldn't sleep at all the first night and called back to say I needed a different bed the next morning. They made me wait and try it for a week. After NO sleep for an entire week and worse pain than from my old mattress, I begged to get an exchange. I ended up picking out the bed I was interested in the 1st place but they said that I had to make an even exchange, so I had to pick out a bed that was $1500 or more. And, they also neglected to tell me that I'd have to pay a $300 exchange fee! I was so desperate because I was so sleep-deprived and in pain, I agreed reluctantly. They said I could get a payment plan through the store and they wouldn't charge me any interest for a year. Well, it turned out to be a deferred interest plan thru Citibank, which means that if you don't pay it all off in a year that you have to pay the entire year's interest ( at 27.99% interest) in spite of how small your balance is at the end of the year. On top of that, I had to sleep on the sofa for 1 mo. because my new mattress was off-gassing so bad it made me nauseous and burned my throat. I will NEVER shop there again!!

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    Man, those guys are sneaky indeed. I would even say snaky.

    By: Anonymous on August 23, 2010

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