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Wil never buy from them again

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Posted by Chris M from Riverside, CA on March 9, 2012

We purchased a Kingsdown Sleep to live 800 from this outfit. We had had a great prior experiance with a Kingsdown mattress we had purchased in New York, so we decided to purchase a Kigsdown product again. We used their computerized bed to determine our individual sleep firmness, layed on the appropriate bed, and it felt wonderful. So far GREAT!. We were told we had a 30 day sleep trial. We paid $4000 for the bed and went home to await delivery. The bed was delivered a week later and was set up. We laid on THIS bed and it felt nothing like the bed in the store. We voiced our concern and were told the bed would need to break in. Approaching 30 days, the bed was still horrible, we called SitnSleep and told them of our problem. They sai we could exchange the bed if we paid a $500 stocking fee and bought a higher priced bed. There's your sleep trial. Now a year later, we have a horrible bed with big ruts in both sides and a stiff barrier in the middle. We call KingsDown and voice our concerns. We get a call from SitnSleep informing us that they will send out an inspector. The inspector comes out and tells us nothing. One week later we get a letter from SitnSleep telling us the bed is not defective, but we can get a discount on yet another bed if we want to pay again. We instead go to Sears in Riverside and buy a Serta top of the line mattress for less than half the price of the Kingsdown, and are finally sleeping on a comfortable bed which we purchased from folks who talk straight and still know the meaning of customer service.

STAY AWAY FROM SitNSleep and KingsDown LIKE THE PLAGUE!     

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