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Too Many Excuses

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Posted by Alice J from Platteville, WI on November 5, 2014

I went into the West Towne Sears store in Madison to look and possibly purchase a Mattress set. After testing the ones in my price range I settled on the one I wanted,purchased it On October 5th and had the delivery day of October 27th scheduled....... or so I thought. It is now November 5 and I still have NOT had delivery. According to Sears Customer care, because I live in Platteville,WI I have to have the delivery generated from some 3rd party entity regional delivery service in IOWA. However, the Sears store has been shut down which has thrown a Monkey wrench in the Mix. If Sears in Madison knew all this why wasn't my order tracked properly!!!!!!!! It's really sad when a seemingly routine purchase turns out to be the purchase from Hell. The salesman is now involved in tracking down where the error occurred. Sears needs to barcode all merchandise like this so it can be scanned and have a customer signature upon delivery!!!!

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    UPDATE!!!! After all the BS I got a call from the 3rd party on Monday the 10th asking me if Tuesday the 11th would work for delivery! Finally It took a non Sears entity to rectify the problem!

    By: Alice J of Platteville, WI on November 18, 2014

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