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Posted by Amy from Austin, TX on March 23, 2014

We bought a Sterns and Foster as they are supposed to be excellent matresses. Our mattress from the beginning never felt comfortable, nor like the one in the store. We are in our 30's and couldn't walk after sleeping on this bed, we called and went into the store within the 30 day warranty. There is a restocking fee of 20% of your mattress value, which was $300 for us! So much for the hassle free return. I even confirmed they sent us the correct mattress. They kept saying it'll take about 60 days to break in, well here we are 10 months later, with backs still hurting, lumps all over the place and a big hump in the middle. Several visits to Sears, calls to Corporate and emails, pictures and measures we FINALLY get them to credit us for the mattress, but they say we've had it a year now, so they won't credit us 10% of the mattress ($200)! It's not a year old yet and we've been fighting with them for almost a year! What sucks is we still have to get a mattress through Sears. Never again! Terrible customer service!

  • Purchased in May 2013

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