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Posted by Amber from Princeton, WV on September 27, 2017

Was 9 months pregnant, in the middle of moving to a new town with my husband. As a gift, my father in law bought us a new living room suite (cash). Was priced over $2,000.00. The seller at the store done a great job helping us. We loved the furniture in our new home. 3 weeks later, we brought home our new baby. Beginning that night, I slept on the couch in the living room where the bassinet was. Almost immediately, I was waking up with these horrible rashes. They itched terrible. Almost like bug bites. I thought it could've been pregnant hormones, as they can cause skin rashes and hives. I kept ignoring it and it just became worse. Then I thought maybe it was the scotch guard that I had an allergic reaction to. For THREE months, I suffered with this. Along with being up all night with a new baby. Until one night I discovered BED BUGS all in the seams of this furniture!!!!! There we NONE in our bed, or anywhere else in the house. We called the company and they kept putting us off on someone else. Till finally we spoke with the corporate office. One of the rudest women I've ever dealt with in my life. She said we had absolutely no proof. Done absolutely nothing to help us. She kept cutting off my words and would not even let me speak my turn. I will never in my life shop with them again! I'm sure had my father in law financed the furniture, they may have helped us more. But since he paid cash, they had their money and were not concerned whatsoever.!!!!!!!

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