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Dishonest website and was lied to on the phone.

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  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor
Customer Service

Posted by Denise from Blackwood, NJ on November 13, 2018

I tried to order a coffee table and put it in
my cart, upon doing so they promote the “share on your Facebook, Twitter etc... and get $25.00 off.” Umm that never happened. They also promote...”buy more save more”.
Don’t fall for it!!!!! False false false!!! It says add a second item and get $125.00 off... well that was untrue.
It showed a $50 discount on both items, but would not transfer into the cart to purchase it... I called and was told that Brand (Bernhardt) was not part of the discount.. well, I have the pictures to prove it was. I was told other stories of it was a computer glitch saying I had three items in my cart...which I didn’t. (Would t matter if it was 50... it clearly states 2nd item ordered gets $125.00 off)
They wouldn’t honor what the website said. Dave.... the person I spoke with several times kept making up excuses... pictures don’t lie!!!
I said not only do they need to honor this, they also need to fix their website. Beatrice another sales person said it was a computer glitch.. admit to fault!! So, I was told they wouldn’t honor it.
My response was I would write these reviews and contact Bob Ferguson, Seattle Washington’s Attorney General! That’s my next email. I was then sent an email that due to my threatening emails (lol... grow a set, Dave!), that I should purchase from another site.
No problem, Dave. I wouldn’t give your company my money if it was on sale for $2.00! I would gladly give another company $200.00 more and pay for professional, courteous and reliable websites and service. Dave, you honestly need to find another career that does not involve sales or people!

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