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I suppose it could have been worse

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Posted by jeff from Lincoln City, OR on February 4, 2020

ordered a lazboy recliner for a better price than I could have got it for from lazboy. I want to support local business, BUT they charge for even local delivery. AND when the chair was delivered without any kind of owner manual, I called to ask if there should have been one and the best answer I could get out of them was "sometimes there is and sometimes there isn't." AND the leather protectant they promised me wasn't delivered with the chair so after I called them about it they were kind enough to make a special trip to get that to me but it was for fabric not leather so I had to call them yet again (they did finally get me the right thing). AND I paid them $90 extra for long term stain protection which I was supposed to get something about in the mail. But after over three months and three telephone conversations about it I still do not have whatever it was I was supposed to get. So I asked them for my $90 back and they absolutely refused.

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