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People you "CAN" Trust

  • Selection: Excellent
  • Expertise: Excellent
  • Service: Excellent
Great communication!!
It took a while to get the system but it was not the stores fault. It had to be ordered.

Posted by Sean S from Ventura, CA on September 27, 2010

Every time I had to call I was treated very kind. The customer service person, Brianne was very helpful and answered all of my questions. If she didn't know she would find out and call me back. The service crew that did the set up was very helpful, very knowledgeable and knew their product. They were funny too. (Good sense of humor) I had to call back one time and talked with Randy. He addressed all of my concerns in a very professional
and timely matter. No matter what your doing it seems that something always goes wrong. These group of people really care and want " THE BEST " for their customers. They have a customer for life in me. Good job you guys!!

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