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On April 1 of 2022, me + my husband walked into a Relax the…

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Posted by Dora from Laguna Niguel, CA on October 31, 2022

On April 1 of 2022, me + my husband walked into a Relax the Back by our home in Laguna Niguel.

I was interested in a Tempur-pedic bed. The salesman was named Steve Kern. Steve said he was filling in for Donna and he manages the Irvine store.

I've always wanted to try a Tempur-pedic bed but could not afford it but my husband was being very generous because I suffer severe back pain and was open to trying the trial. I was tired because in the past year I had trialed 3 other beds that didn't work out.

STEVE explained to us that we had nothing to lose except a $300 restocking fee.

Steve brought to our attention that during the three months trial that if something were to happen to the bed the warranty would not cover it if I didn't have the their foundation. Their foundation was $450 for a CA King. Our current bed foundation were slats.
That made me nervous but I wanted to try this mattress really bad on the foundation it was designed for. So we purchased the $450 foundation knowing that there is no refund. Steve made that clear. He also made it clear that there would be a return fee of $300 for restocking.

The bed was delivered within days and I was so very excited. I just turned 50 and I was hoping this would be the bed of my dreams.

After a couple months, Sadly, the mattress was not a good fit. For me it had a terrible "feeling stuck" feeling, not to mention it was so incredibly hot. We were sweating profusely in this bed.

I finally got ahold of Steve and I explained I needed to return the bed and he said he will process the refund and he would mail me the receipt and we walked through everything over the phone, and I asked if I could pick it up but he said he'd just mail it to me two blocks away.

Once I received the receipt, I was expecting a $300 restocking fee.

But I was stunned to get a $500 bill to return the bed!

Steve never mentioned additional $199 pick up fee.
A charity named ShareTown picked up the bed. I know they charge nothing.


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