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Dismissive & Rude Salesperson

  • Selection: Fair
  • Expertise: Fair
  • Service: Very poor
One of the salesmen there was very informative & helpful with information
The other salesperson was rude and dismissive to me after talking about a product
Customer Service

Posted by Christine C from Milwaukee, WI on August 5, 2011

I had initially visited the store to get some information on a massage chair and talked to a very nice salesperson who was extremely helpful and informative on the product in question.
On my second visit there was another salesperson there who was shorter than the first person I spoke with. We talked a bit about the chair I was interested in and when I had (apparently) too numerous questions and another customer walked in he left me to take care of them. I waited and watched him talk to the other couple for almost 10 minutes before walking out. He did not acknowledge me during that whole time. Apparently if you are not going to buy something immediately from this person you do not get any service. I felt dismissed and his rude behavior is something no one should have to experience when in any store looking to purchase a product. I did get my chair from another store at a better price with much better service!

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