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Posted by Rob from East Amherst, NY on January 18, 2020

I purchased a mattress at R&F. It was rock hard. Also, the base for the mattress was delivered with a faulty electrical control box. I contacted R&F to return the product, only to learn that R&F had a no return policy (which was not articulated to me by the salesperson). I was told that I had to wait 30 days to exchange the mattress. So, I had to either sleep on the rock hard mattress for a month and damage my lower back or sleep on a different bed. I told the manager of the store that the bed was not close to the one I tested in the store. He told be the demo beds in their showroom were beaten up, and they couldn't be relied on to know how soft or firm the actual beds would be that are delivered to the home. I described the factory defect with the base, and was told that usually customers are forces to have the base manufacturer (reverie) service their own products an R&F doesn't get involved, but he would make an exception and replace the defective base I received when I switched out the mattress.R&F sells the lowest model of the reverie base with their beds. These bases are very cheap, and R&F does not back them up. Instead, they refer customers to reverie for service. Reverie's customer service is extremely slow, and their reps do not have basic knowledge of the products. So, if you buy a bed from R&F you should plan on replacing the base in short order, or sign on to endless negotiations to get the base repaired.So, about 2 weeks after receiving my "new" bed from R&F I am stuck with a broken base and a concrete slab to sleep on. R&F refuses to address the problem until another 2 weeks passes (even though they delivered a defective base to my home and a bed that is not even close to the one I tested in their showroom). Classic bait and switch. In the meantime, I am sleeping on an old bed in a spare room and storing their defective products. I only have the manager's promise to replace the base and approve the switching out of the mattress in a week. If the next mattress turns out to be different, I am stuck.

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