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Horrible!! NEVER AGAIN

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delivery staff, management
Delivery Service

Posted by Elizabeth from Staten Island, NY on December 14, 2020

The whole review will not fit so I will sum it up. This is the worst store I have purchased from and I will never shop there again. I would not recommend ANYONE purchase anything from them. I purchased an adjustable base for my daughters full sized bed specifically because I know that it could be taken apart into 2 pieces and brought up the stairs. Prior to the purchase I asked that specifically and was told yes its possible and I knew it was because I had purchased the same base 2 years ago in a queen for myself, just from a different location. However from this location what I got was a horrible experience! Their delivery guys are down right rude, obnoxious and LAZY! They refused to bring my $600 adjustable base into the room it was supposed to go into! To the point that they told me "it was on me to get it up into the bedroom" and that "it would take too much of their time to get it up there". I had no choice but to refuse the delivery as I am a single mother, so how were me and my 12yr old daughter getting it up the stairs! To boot when I went into the store to speak to the manager about the delivery guys their store manager was completely complacent, cut me off mid sentence and had the nerve to tell me it wasn't their job. He then proceeded to tell me that no one that I would order this adjustable base from would get it up into the bedroom! Absolutely not worth the price tag for the headaches you will receive and probably not ever get what you ordered anyways! I ended up going in the next day for a full refund and went to Ashley Furniture, in the next shopping center, to which their store manager 100% guaranteed me that his staff would HAVE NO ISSUES getting an adjustable base up to my child's bedroom weather they had to take it FULLY apart or just in half it didn't matter to them they would absolutely get it up to my child's room!!

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